Mangosteen Juice Products - Which Brand to Purchase?

Mangosteen juice has been used by various cultures, as a food and medicine staple, throughout Southeast Asia, India, and many Pacific Islands, for over 400 years. It is only over the past thirty years, that scientists have determined why the mangosteen is so effective at fighting illnesses and restoring health. It is effective because of more than forty nutritionally active components called xanthones contained within the rind and the pulp of the mangosteen.

Xanthones have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and they are very potent antioxidants. The mangosteen fruit is considered safe and also helps protect the entire gastrointestinal system, unlike many drugs which are not safe.. The body requires antioxidants because of the damage done to the cells by free radicals , which can trigger the initial phases of certain illnesses. Dirty air, smoke, stress, over exercise, and environmental pollutants are the cause of free radicals getting into the body. These free radicals are neutralized by antioxidants, helping to stop disease from occurring and promote wellness.

There are 14,000 papers from researchers all over the world, reporting positive results from testing of the xanthones in the mangosteen. In addition, numerous people are getting positive results for a number of health concerns, after taking the whole fruit mangosteen juice with the rind and the pulp. These results have been confirmed by blood tests taken before and after taking the mangosteen juice product.

Here is a partial list of properties found when studying 6 of the Xanthones found in Mangosteen:

* Anti-depressant, * Help relieve migraine, * Natural Pain Relief, * Anti-viral/fungal, * Lower Blood Pressure, * Healthier digestion, * Increased Energy, * Anti-diabetic, * Relieves Urinary Pain, * Relieves PMS, * Anti-tumour, * Anti-oxidant * Immune and modulating * Cholesterol-lowering * Anti-eczema/psoriasis * Anti-arthritic * Anti-asthma * Improved skin quality * Anti-bacterial * Anti-eczema * Anti-Diarrhoeal * Stabilises Thyroid * Heart protective * Anti-inflammatory

Choosing a Mangosteen Juice Product

On the market, there are many Mangosteen juice products to choose from . If you are lucky enough to be able to buy mangosteen fruit and you want to eat the mangosteen itself, you must eat the rind and the pulp to get all the health benefits that mangosteen juice supplements can provide. Like in most fruits , the rind and the pulp is bitter , so you will miss out on the xanthones from that part of the fruit.

The following are things to look for when selecting from all the mangosteen juice products available:

A. Independent testing, Amount of Xanthones, Phytonutrients and ORAC value

The most important thing to look for is independent laboratory tests on the product. The tests should clearly display

1) How many Xanthones in the supplement. The more xanthones in the product, the more benefits there will be.

2) How many Phytonutrients in the product. Phytonutrients can protect against disease and promote health,

and they are nutrients which are derived from plants we can eat.

3) The ORAC value. The power of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, can be measured, and this is called the ORAC value.

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. More free radicals will be neutralized as the value of ORAC in your blood is higher.

If an antioxidant supplement has an ORAC value of 90,000 to 100,000 plus, it is claimed by experts to be effective.

So, if you want to receive the full benefits of the nutrients in the mangosteen, it is best to check for independent laboratory tests

performed on a particular mangosteen juice product.

B. Method of Preparation

Research has found that a mangosteen juice using cold processing when being prepared, is of much higher quality.

This is because it's been found that some nutrients in the mangosteen fruit die at the time they are cooked.

Cooking the juice can render some preservatives more harmful, and also make the juice acidic.

So, it's better to select a mangosteen juice which uses cold processing when being prepared, is therefore of a higher quality.

C. Is the Mangosteen Pericarp and the Whole Fruit contained within the Product?

The seeds and the pericarp of the mangosteen are the main source of xanthones, therefore a high quality mangosteen juice supplement should utilize the whole fruit puree. The whole fruit puree consists of a milling of pericarp, seeds and entire fruit-pulp together. Only a high amount of xanthones contains the full healing and nutritional value of mangosteen,

and these will be found only in those products utilising the whole fruit process. If you are only drinking the juice and not the pericarp, it will not do you much good.

D. Are there other Nutrients within the Mangosteen Juice product?

A good quality mangosteen juice supplement will also contain other nutrients, which work together with the mangosteen to enhance the benefits. These are some of the additional nutrients the product could contain:

1) Minerals

When minerals are added to mangosteen, the additional effects are huge. Mineral deficiencies are high in chronic conditions, especially neuro degenerative conditions. After 60 years of the environment being exploited, the nutrients in vegetables and fruit, are not there anymore. Few people eat properly anyway, and most people eat packaged food and fast food, which contains few nutrients.

Minerals are required for energy production and protection from free radical damage, as well as other vital functions.

2) Additional Vitamins may be included

Research shows that depletion of certain vitamin types is related to diseases like alzheimer's, cancer and dermatitis.

3) Aloe Vera may be included in some Mangosteen Juice products

Research has shown that when Aloe Vera is present, the delivery of vitamins into the blood is improved by up to 20%. Also, the vitamins are held in the blood longer when Aloe is included, which gives the body a greater chance to utilize the vitamins.

4) Some mangosteen juice products may contain Green Tea

Green Tea is well known for its traditional healing properties and also provides additional antioxidant power.

E. Is the Mangosteen product liquid?

A liquid formula is more bioavailable (body ready) so that the cells in the body can absorb it more readily. The phytonutrients and xanthones are within the mangosteen whole fruit, which includes the pericarp and the pulp, and they work synergistically. Powders and pills cannot include the mangosteen whole fruit, so these may not provide the health benefits that a liquid product provides.


We have examined what to consider when looking at the different brands of Mangosteen Juice supplements - Independent testing, amount of xanthones, amount of phytonutrients, the ORAC value, the other nutrients in the product, the way the product is processed, and whether it is a liquid product or not. For a fair comparison of quality and price, have a look at how many bottles of a less expensive product you would need to give you the same amount of nutrients as a more expensive product has. What you think is a 'cheaper' product may be a lot more expensive when you do the mangosteen juice product comparison carefully.

Julieanne van Zyl is interested in health and nutrition and is also a distributor of Mangosteen Juice Products

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