Cancer and Mangosteen: Is Fruit the Key to Successful Treatment?

Many people are wondering if there is a link between cancer and mangosteen. The question is, "Can mangosteen be used to treat cancer?" The answer to that question, as of right now, is unknown. Numerous people are seeking natural means of treating cancer, such as Noni, but it remains unclear if these natural treatments are anything more than wishful thinking. Is it a mangosteen scam or does the fruit of the mangosteen tree actually treat cancer? Here is all of the information you need to know about mangosteen and its relation to cancer.


It is believed that the anti-oxidants in mangosteen can aid in cancer treatment and potentially prevent individuals from developing cancer. However, there is also an unfortunate side effect to mangosteen in this particular context: it is believed that mangosteen can be so potent that it actually weakens the effectiveness of chemotherapy. This, then, raises the question, "are human beings worse off by consuming mangosteen to fight cancer?" There is a lot of speculation that supports both sides.


Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is grown in Africa, Asia, and other locations that are close to the equator. It is not feasible to grow it in the United States because the climate does not allow it and it is illegal to import fresh mangosteen. Therefore, in order to get the benefits of mangosteen, one must pursue other options.

One of the options available is ultra mangosteen, a compound that contains both mangosteen and goji. The other option is mangosteen puree, a juice made from the mangosteen fruit. The problem is that mangosteen rots very quickly, meaning that both of these products contain high amounts of preservatives to keep them fresh for shipping. It is these factors, the fact that you cannot get fresh mangosteen (as mangosteen products differ from consuming the fruit itself) and the preservatives that mangosteen products contain, that raise the speculation about its effectiveness as a cancer treatment.

How This All Relates to Cancer

Some people believe that the anti-oxidants in mangosteen products may be so powerful that they fight off chemo. Others believe that it could be the preservatives in these products that lessen the effectiveness of chemo. Finally, there are also people who believe that only eating the fruit itself will fight cancer, not products that contain its juices. Either way, no matter what testimonial or review you read on mangosteen, you should always discuss your use of mangosteen with you physician and never forgo your medication.

The best advice you can get about whether or not to purchase mangosteen is to consult your doctor and see what information they can provide you. Additionally, you should wait until more research and testing has been done on mangosteen before trying it for yourself. Though you may be depriving yourself of an excellent treatment option by stalling, you may also be saving yourself from gambling your life on an exotic fruit. You must decide for yourself what is right for you.

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